current activties

   Programs are done with groups of children from Monday to Thursday after school times. Boys from 7 – 17 years and girls from 6-13 years are divided over 4 groups with each group a maximum of 25 participants. The boys are taken to the Gonubie sports field for sports activities after which a social-Christian topic is discussed and a basic meal of bread and cool drink is shared. The girls are involved in various educational activities at a church hall. Occasionally special outings and programs are organized. Every second weekend we offer weekend care to a group of 14 children who stay with us on the farm. During their stay on the farm they are involved in all possible activities like animal care, gardening, cooking, education, team building activities etc. Responsible youth from the regular groups are involved in all activities as assistants.

Contacts with parents and other residents are maintained by regular visits and we assist where possible. It happens that very sick people are found in their homes who need medical attention; we help them to see a doctor or take them to the hospital. Donated clothing, food, building materials etc. are distributed. We work where possible together with others who are active in the Township. Each year is closed with a big party to where all who have taken faithful part in the programs are invited, always around the 100 children/youth. Others are involved in this Year End Function like the local Spar who caters the meal, a church who lets us use their building, people who assist with transport and others who contribute to a present parcel for each child to take home.

…the God and Father…comforts us in all our troubles so we can comfort those who are in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (2Cor. 1:4)