In January Wiebe visits an East London Township while being a crewmember onboard the Anastasis (a hospital ship of Mercy Ships). After his visit to this township he prays for the many children he met and believes that God wants him to be like a father to them. His vision became to live with the residents of Mzamom’Hle, an East London township in South Africa, to show them God’s love and compassion. In August of this year he leaves his home country The Netherlands and goes to live in Mzamom’Hle. At first he lives in a little shack (top photo), but soon builds his own hut (second photo). Many children come to visit and various activities and outings are organized for these children.

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Wiebe marries his wife Simone and together they continue the work from their home which is located on the border of the Township. Here they start a Youth Centre called “Beautiful Promises”. 


Wiebe and Simone decide to round off their work and return to Holland.


The Township and its people stay on their minds. In October they decide to start a foundation in The Netherlands and return to South Africa to continue the activities in the Township. This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 6.beautiful-promises-2002-1024x558.jpg


In October, Wiebe and Simone with Lisa, their daughter, return to the Township. They are warmly welcomed by the community. They move into an apartment close to the Township and activities with children and youth are started as well as support of the residents. We pray and trust that one day it will be possible to offer children weekend care. 


After 6 years of waiting, praying and trusting they are offered the lease for 99 years of a portion of a farm with house located 10 km from the Township. Here may be build for activities of the Foundation.


A platform is build with plans to build accommodation for a large group of children. But to speed up accommodation a smaller building was first added to the existing garage at the house with plans to accommodate 14 children with own kitchen, bedroom and bathrooms. After Wiebe laid down the foundation and floor 4 of his brothers from Holland and a brother in law from Canada arrived for 2 weeks and together they build the outside walls and placed the roof. Thereafter Wiebe continues building next to the regular activities in the Township. Various volunteers come to assist him.


In May all building work and furnishings are completed. With the furnishing much assistance is received from a local lady who also provides all bedding, towels, cushions and a projector. The weekend care is started with 14 children/youth who spend time on the farm from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning, once every 3 weeks.

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The weekend care is extended to once every 2 weeks.

…the God and Father…comforts us in all our troubles so we can comfort those who are in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (2Cor. 1:4)